Chivas Regal: Art of Giving

CHIVAS REGAL: Christmas content


Based on the overarching theme of 'The Art of Giving' - I identified a number of concepts that the modern gent could relate to when it comes to Christmas gift giving.



Unwritten rule 1:
'Hint to get what you want'.

Men'll often get given the same uninspiring gifts year after year.

We all know that to get what you really want you need to drop a few hints. 

This short social video would allow for some hint dropping...



Ulterior Motive 1:
'Give good to get good'.

A pretty harsh truth is that for some, they give a gift so as to get one in return. 

And also, when unsure with the gift to give, many will also give someone a gift they wouldn't mind receiving themselves.  

This short social video showed Chivas was the gift that's great to give, great to receive, but greatest when shared.