Chivas Regal: Art of Blending


With the launch of Chivas Regal's The Art of Blending workshops, and the Blend Sessions - the need was to bring both events to life across social media to not only promote them, but also to show the benefits of not just a blended whiskey,  but of a blended life...


a hype video for Facebook and Instagram was created, to help drive ticket sales of this first time event.

The creative was framed as an invite to a challenge, and likened the ingredients (parts) of the event to those of a drink. Furthermore, there was also a subtle nod to the fact that it is a very 'instagramable' social occasion - something that has become a key ingredient that people look for in events.



Working in tandem with the 'Art of Blending' workshops, were the 'Blend Sessions'. 

The Blend Sessions were events during which pioneers in their respective fields talked about how their careers had benefitted from the blending of skills, mediums, cultures and people.

With no existing content, assets were created that visualised each different Blend Session  - likening the event elements to the blend of ingredients  that go into each bottle of Chivas Regal.